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K. A. Polzin is a cartoonist and writer living in New York City. His comics have appeared in Funny Times, 22 Words, and Broadsheet. His writing has appeared at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.

In 2004, he created the zine Other People Exist, a subscription-based bimonthly. Beginning in 2009, Other People Exist changed from a bimonthly to a biwhenever.

Cartoonist Bill Griffith wrote of K. A. Polzin’s first collection, “Enjoyed ’em.”

His gallery show, “Other People Exist,” was held at the UC Davis Craft Center in 2004.

He projected and read cartoons at R. Sikoryak’s Carousel in June 2012.

His work appears in greeting card form: RSVP greeting cards.

Contact K. A. Polzin to praise his work or to inquire about purchasing cartoon rights.

An Interview With The Artist

In 1993, K. A. Polzin was camping in the desert with his roommate, the Japanese artist Kengo Nagai. While Kengo painted and got a terrible sunburn, K. A. sat in the shade of his lean-to and drew his “Desert Notes,” which later became his first cartoon collection (1994). Since then, he has self-published several hundred cartoons. For the past seven years, he has published the zine Other People Exist and puttered around the house. People assume he has stopped showering, but he hasn’t. I met with him one Tuesday in July on his back porch.

Thank you for speaking with me today
K. A. : Who are you? How did you get into my yard?
The gate isn’t locked
K. A. : Yes it is.
Not anymore.
Is that a cartoon you’re working on?
K. A. : No, I’m reading People.
You have a subscription to People?
K. A. : Of course not. My girlfriend does. I just read it.
Can you believe that Lady Gaga?
K. A. : I know! Oh my God!
Now that we’ve bonded, I’d like to ask you a few questions.
K. A. : In English?
If you prefer.
First, who are you wearing?
K. A. : The tuxedo is Pierre Cardin, the tie is Armani, and the codpiece I made myself.
You know who you look like? Andrew McCarthy.
K. A. : Who?
Andrew McCarthy. From Weekend at Bernie’s.
K. A. : ?
Two friends are invited for a weekend to a luxury island with their boss. But once they arrive, they discover he’s dead. The two have to pretend their boss is still alive, which puts them into comic situations.
K. A. : Was Brad Pitt in it?
K. A. : Then I didn’t see it.
Let’s change gears. Does the new issue contain any of your inimitable film
K. A. : Why yes.
They’re my fave. I also love your ad parodies. And your cartoons. Oh – it’s all great!
K. A. : Wow – it’s like I’m writing both parts of this interview.
That’s hilarious!
But seriously – you look a lot like Andrew McCarthy.
Did you ever see Mannequin?
St. Elmo’s Fire?
You have the same chin.
So what’s next for you, K.A.?
K. A.: Getting you off my porch.
And after that?
K. A.: Maybe some lunch.
What are you thinking – a sandwich?

The arrival of K.A.’s hired thug Carlo signaled that our time together was at an end. These “lunch breaks” appear to be a crucial part of his creative process, judging by the way Carlo escorted me off the premises, buckled me into my car, and started my engine. I was impressed by his dedication to K.A., and by his lats and delts.

A few days later, K. A. emailed and thanked me for dropping by and making him aware of the weaknesses in his security system. He also wrote that he was changing his email address, though he neglected to mention his new one.



  1. I love these Polzin cartoons !
    PIthy, current, hilarious, insightful and thought-provoking.
    Oh bring us some more Polzin, and bring it right now !

  2. I knew K. A. when he was just a […] like me. There was so much to be dryly sarcastic about back then. I don’t know what his motivation is now. Yet he presses on, apparently not without success.

  3. I’ve known K.A. since before he was called K.A. Once he told me that my own penchant for making occasional social and autobiographical critiques in hilarious cartoon form was the initial inspiration for his work. But I don’t believe him, in part because he’s much better than I am. Also, he was able to parlay his work into a major lifestyle transformation, whereas I’ve been doing the same thing in the same place for 20 years (only the cats have changed). If anyone is an inspiration, it is (probably) K.A.!

  4. I agree with Rich with whom I worked as well as with K.A. as a […]. Way to go, K.A.! Great stuff here. Best to you.

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